A glance to buy Steroids at various places

Athletes, sports & games personalities, professional body builders, weight lifters, boxers, gym rats, promising celebrities and few others who indeed want speed, performance enhancements, good body built, perfect cut shape, lean & muscle cut, ripped muscles, stamina, strength and overall look & appearance respectively require intake of steroid therapies indeed.

One of the most common questions that where can get the steroids? Do them be on avail in pharmaceuticals, drug shops (whether legal?!), online pharmacies, at the medical practitioners’, in the gym and even in the few other countries who got legal certification to sell steroids? One can even buy steroids in the UK wherein UK holds the legal rights for making steroids sale properly but most of the percentage cases with doctors’ prescription for safer sides.

From the Doctor

All the first line discussed personalities seek physicians when they are in need of steroids. Apparently a study shows that most of the doctors are sought by men at the ages of 30+ in need of testosterone steroid treatment, wherein men of the age above 30 has the tendency of having reduced testosterone level. And to maintain the numbers to get rid of the bodily suffering symptoms of feeling mood swings, rapid weight gain, loss of libido, and weakness in sexual performance which would worsen the life time.

They tend to get the steroid therapies in terms of injections, pills, capsules, tablets, creams, gels and patches.

Other countries

Countries apart from Mexico who posses lax laws in terms of steroids sale, other countries that are appending below hold the legal certification to purchase, sell and posses steroids with no consequences however the borders of US and Canada still state that it is illegal attempt fetching in the steroids.

  • Iran
  • Israel
  • Lebanon
  • Pakistan
  • Russia
  • Serbia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Ukraine
  • Syria
  • Costa Rica
  • Columbia
  • Thailand
  • Egypt
  • Bulgaria
  • India


Steroids for sale at The United Kingdom

Though UK reacts similar to Canada stating that steroid handling is bit illegal, there is no offense to posses them. Only anabolic steroids comes into sale market under Class C substances (Misuse of Drugs Act of 1971) and anyone who goes with no legal papers and very particularly the age of below 14 people would be punished severely.

Though few more countries had banned anabolic steroids for sale however there are n numbers of options to get it legally.